Our Company

The pursuit of excellence and team spirit

Micropixel Optronics Ltd, founded in 2016, mainly focus on the vertical integration/development of Opto-Electro-Mechanical products and on the acquisition of related key core components.
With a strong veteran team covering the fields of optics, mechanical, electronics, and software. Micropixel Optronics is a leading ODM solutions service provider that can significantly shorten the development cycle for time to market products to achieve a win-win situation together with a customer.

Since founded, Micropixel Optronics has already completed optical test equipments, Light Guide Plate, and fingerprint authentication products/solutions and push them onto the market for sales.

Micropixel Optronics is currently a fingerprint authentication module solution provider of iMD , Image Match Design Inc., and solely owns the core technologies in developing related components or modules for various applications. Despite of swift time to market development cycle of customized fingerprint authentication product, quality of any product has the top priority and is never compromised.
Hence Micropixel Optronics is not only a leading solutions provider but a trustworthy partner in delivering customized solutions.